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Our Mission:

To provide DSP and Systems design expertise in the area of wireless communications in order to enable our clients to reach their goals and achieve competitive advantage.

Who Are We?

DSPOne Systems Inc. consists of a group of highly skilled engineers who are familiar with wireless systems and DSP algorithms, and are highly experienced with today's tools and systems. We provide a wide range of consulting services that include system engineering and analysis, DSP algorithm design and developement for DSP and ASIC chips, DSP code development, conversion between DSP Families and/or ASIC. In addition, DSPOne has access to a fully equipped laboratory where design, prototyping and integration can be accomplished.

Areas of Expertise:

DSPOne Systems' primary area of expertise is in providing complete DSP and Wireless design solutions. Each project is custom tailored to meet each client's requirements. Our highly skilled engineers follow projects from their conception to completion; our design methodologies, hands-on laboratory and field integration experience provide valuable knowledge to the client and involves them in the process of continuous improvement.

Focus Areas:

  • Wireless communications systems - design analysis and simulation.
  • Innovation in modem design and development (WLL, PCS, Cellular, Mobile).
  • Code Conversion from one DSP to another.


  • Fast DSP algorithm development.
  • Systems level simulation and architecture.
  • Code conversion between different DSP manufactures and families (TI, Motorola and Analog Devices).
  • Technical evaluation, sanity checking, and risk assessment.
  • Product cost reduction

Design Experience:

Our Engineers have design experience with the different wireless standards, such as, TDMA (IS-136, IS-54), CDMA (IS-95), GSM, GPRS, WLAN and WMAN (802.11, 802.16) and others. We also have designed wireless modems for Internet and local loop applications

Currently we are working on (or have finished):

  • System architecture and algorithm developement of an 802.16 modem chip set.
  • An 8 PSK DSP modulator design and implementation on C54x.
  • A GSM Pico Cell for an airborne Application
  • An Inmarsat IPDS terminal
  • Off the plane connection radio system design (Thuraya and Airfone)
  • An elaborate ATM satellite modem design.
  • Code conversion from TI TMS320C54x to TMS320C55x
  • ExpressDSP Complaint Algorithm for a denoise application in Mobile phone
  • LiveTV Turbo decoder and receiver design and implementation on TI C6x DSP
  • DSP software for the cellular and PCS market.
  • Code conversion from TI TMS320C5x to TMS320C54x

Our clients include:

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